Sasma achtergrond

Worldwide premium alcohol supplier.

We supply the base,
you create the character.

Covid 19 Update: A message to our customers
While we are living in unprecedented and uncertain times, Sasma guarantees that our team is committed to responding to inquiries and fulfilling orders. We are currently prioritizing existing customer orders and orders for pharmaceutical and medical grade alcohol. We have been inundated with inquiries and are doing our best to meet demands.

Sasma: Specialist from Sourcing to Customer Satisfaction

Sasma is a specialist in worldwide sourcing and distribution of premium quality alcohols. Our extensive global network, deep market knowledge and over 60 years' combined management experience in the industry ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

Access to a wide range of reliable alcohol sources such as distilleries, traders and agents enable us to supply a vastly extensive range of alcohol grades and types. We can source and supply most types of alcohol from and to anywhere in the world.

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Sasma BV

Willem Dreeslaan 301
2729 NE, Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
+31 79 363 3064

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