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Ethanol 95% (190 Proof)

190 proof alcohol, 95% alcohol,
BP, EP, USP, JP Grade

190 proof ethanol, or ethanol 95% is a medical grade alcohol. Our 190 proof ethanol is made by fermenting sugarcane molasses, grain, rice, potato or sugarbeet. After fermentation, the ethanol is purified through repeated distillation and rectified to 95% alcohol content. As a bulk supplier of rectified spirit, Sasma offers various bulk packaging options of this 190 proof alcohol.

What are the uses of rectified spirit?

The uses of rectified spirit include the production of pharmaceuticals and the production of disinfectants. Also known as a neutral spirit, this 190 proof alcohol can act as a solvent in laboratory use, and is also commonly used for cleaning surfaces or making tinctures. Lastly, 95% ethanol is used to dissolve water-insoluble medication.

Quality and Certifications

To meet the pharmaceutical and medical industry quality requirements our 190 proof ethanol complies with United States Pharmacopeia (USP), British Pharmacopeia (BP), Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP) standards. It is also GMO free and is produced at a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified site in accordance with GMP conditions. 
95% ethanol has the UN1170 code for transport. Product batch release certificates are possible upon request.

Why work with Sasma?

We meet your distinctive demands, working flexibly and dependably. Sasma is an ISO  22000:2018 certified company. We are able to supply the highest quality and do so consistently. 

Base Properties

Alcoholic strength ≥ 95.0 % v/v
Identification A, B Conforms
Acidity ≤ 3.0 g/hl
Methanol ≤ 20 g/hl

Acetaldehyde and Acetal

≤ 1.0 g/hl
Benzene ≤ 0.5 g/hl
Total of other impurities ≤ 30 g/hl



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Applications and use

  • Production of pharmaceuticals
  • Solvent for laboratory use and tinctures
  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Production of disinfectants
  • Professional service and great quality alcohol

    Pharmaceutical producer

    working with Sasma since 2014

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