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Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Sasma Logistics team. Meet Pim Schouten our Logisitcs Manager, and Amir Tawfik, Nicolai Koelhof, Alexandru Onica, Moon Nguyet Nguyen, and Charitha Heeren Sasma’s Logistics Operators. This group of professionals is a talented, passionate, friendly and enthusiastic team. Combined they have several years of experience from the world of logistics with years of outside experience and within the Sasma organization. The team likes to get things done and says that “no” is not an answer. Working towards one common goal and “What the customer wants – we make it work” is their mantra.

The logistics team works with a portal that holds all necessary and pertinent information for Sasma’s customers. Customers are given access and can logon at any time, it’s a 24/7 service. Available information includes Tracking, Downloadable packing lists, Invoices, Documentation, view order history. It is a very straightforward and user-friendly tool, by sharing only important and necessary information our customers don’t feel overloaded with unnecessary information.  

“The power of our team is that we tackle problems as soon as they arise, we also try to be one step ahead. Ready to answer questions” – Amir Twafik

The team is very customer service-oriented and time-sensitive when responding to issues that may arise. Logistics can be a complex operation. At Sasma, we work with one product, one commodity, which is alcohol. This one product is so specific and demanding. But as Nicolai said, “Logistics is nothing without sales” referring to a book from a logistics course that he has taken. Big picture, Logistics operates as an important part of the Sasma organization. All departments work closely together from Sales, Quality, and Logistics all working towards one common goal – selling and delivering premium alcohol globally, where the customer is always put first.

“Saamhorigheid” Togetherness – that’s the power of our team.

Interviewed by Saskia van der Kloot – Barre

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