Quarterly Newsletter December 2021

Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

Season’s Greetings! 2021 was a both busy and challenging year for Sasma and our industry. We faced global supply chain issues with the availability of supply and containers. Although we don’t foresee any major changes in 2022, we do see a glimmer of hope with prices per container decreasing slightly in the month of December. 

I’d like to highlight some of our big accomplishments in 2021. At the end of 2020 our team moved into our new office building. Facing restrictions due to Covid-19, we have been following recommendations and the team has been working on a bi-weekly in person schedule. Everyone is very happy to come together in our new working environment which is spacious and light and highly sustainable. We were able to welcome some of our clients and the responses were overwhelmingly positive, we continue to look forward to welcoming more new and existing clients in 2022.

In addition to our new building we also launched our new Sasma website which is more user friendly, faster and efficient. If you haven’t had a chance to look, please visit us at sasmabv.com

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Lastly we are proud to have sponsored the Ocean Cleanup a Dutch based organization making a global impact on improving worldwide ecosystems, health and economies.

In spite of global challenges, we’d like to close the year on a successful and hopeful note. We are getting ready to our 20th anniversary next year, stay tuned for more exciting things to come.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and new year filled with health and happiness.


Project Zero Emissions

We are launching a new project in order to reduce our carbon footprint and we are calling it Project Zero Emissions. The project will include looking into all of our suppliers and calculating the carbon footprint and offering products to our customers looking for more sustainable options. We are starting with our wheat and sugar cane suppliers and will continue to roll out this project.

The Sasma headquarters were given A++++ rating, one of the most energy efficient buildings in Holland! This means we are doing our part in curbing climate change thanks to reduced fossil fuel pollution.

Logistics Update

As we close out the year, we saw a positive indicator according to Drewry. In the beginning of December, the cost per container decreased slightly, perhaps signaling of costs starting to ease. Although we don’t foresee any major changes in 2022, unfortunately, we will continue to think ahead and help problem solve. Since we source globally we are able to offer more local options.

Product Highlights from the Non-Food Sector: Extra Neutral Alcohol

Because of the rising prices and supply chain issues, ENA is no longer available at every distillery. This global shortage is specially due to gas prices, raw material prices and logistical issues. Sasma however still has the possibility to supply. We have been working around this issue and made commitments with our suppliers, buying strategically to offer solutions for our customers needs. Please contact us today so that we can help supply your ENA.

Product Highlights from the Food Sector: Organic Alcohol

We are seeing very high demand in organic alcohol and the industry is starting to offer “hot new products” with zero emissions. Like most of the world, we want to be more sustainable and lower our carbon footprint. We are enthusiastic to launch our Zero Emissions project in the coming months so that we can offer our customers more sustainable options of ethanol.

Currently we hold several organic certifications for our products, we source our products globally and are able to ship worldwide. Our organic products are made from various raw materials and we have an extensive offering. Contact our Sales team to learn more.






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