Quarterly Newsletter June 2022

Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

What’s going on in the world of Sasma?

There are many external factors that have impacted business in recent months. Pressure on commodities, natural gas, and transportation. We’d like to highlight these points and explain how this is impacting our business as of late.

On a more positive note, Sasma continues to celebrate 20 years. We have put together a timeline of all of our major milestones – we hope you enjoy reading through these. We also have further reason to celebrate in that our Sasma headquarters based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, recently won an award.

We’d like to share a recent blog post with you about Organic alcohol – demand is constantly increasing and here we share our thoughts about the market and trends that we’ve been seeing. Enjoy this read.

And lastly, we wanted to share with you our laboratory and what makes doing business with Sasma stand apart. We put quality first when it comes to our products and we’d like to share with you all of our instruments.

We hope you enjoy our quarterly newsletter.

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The World Around Us

Tightness of market

As the war between Russia and Ukraine passes the 100th day, the performance of commodities has been overshadowed by the war. Wheat, corn and sugar are close to record highs, the conflict is adding further upwards pressure to prices that were already rising. The two countries together produce about 60 million tons of the 200 million tons traded annually around the world.


The Natural gas situation around the world and particularly in Europe has been extremely volatile– Russia is responsible for roughly 35% of gas delivered to Europe and with supply being cut off, we’ve see prices that are scarcely believable.


Shipping is easing which has been a positive. Sasma is seeing more opportunities for on time shipments. We still advise our clients to plan ahead and not wait too long to place orders. We are still facing record high pricing due to crude oil prices which are the contributing factor to shipping costs being so high.

Celebrating 20 Years at Sasma

  • Sasma celebrates 20 years
  • Project Zero emissions – offering products with lower carbon footprint


  • Sasma officially qualifies as a big corporation
  • New Sasma website launches

  • New Headquarters opened in Zoetermeer, A+++ energy rating and opening of our new state of the art laboratory for alcohol testing

  • Started construction, eerste paal, Sasma Global Headquarters
  • First Bourbon barrel inventory established

  • Sasma becomes a member of the SWA, Scottish Whisky Association; First Scotch whisky sold in bulk
  • Became member of the Gin Guild

  • Sasma website re-launch 
  • Sasma officially a global supplier, supplying alcohol all four corners of the world


  • Opened a warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium for tank storage, drumming and re-packaging
  • Major partnerships established with some of the biggest distilleries in the world

  • Logistics Team established, from a white board(!) to a tracking program

  • We expanded our factory and installed 3 large stainless steel alcohol storage and blending tanks
  • First Sasma website launched
  • First Kosher certification


  • Moved to our own, bigger office space where we were 50% owner of building and factory

  • First Air freight shipment of alcohol in 20 liter pails to Asia

  • Ultra Pure, Sasma’s sister company was established. UP supplies alcohol to North America

  • Installed and started bottling of spirits activities for contract packaging
  • Completed construction of tank storage facility, Tema, Ghana


  • First employees hired

  • Start of Sasma trading activities in Zoetermeer

  • First international sales

  • First supplier of organic alcohol

  • First certifications for EU Organic and USDA

  • First certification of ISO 9000 and ISO 22000

Organic Blog

Popular topic among customers and prospective customers interested in organic products.



Here at Sasma, we have a state of the art lab that houses the most modern equipment that complies with all standards. Along with our equipment, we have a well-equipped, trained and experiences staff.

All of our instruments are used to test the quality and the alcohol strength of our products. We test all of our samples to make sure our quality meets Sasma’s standards and our buyers standards.

Our labs also prepare our samples for our customer and our buyers when they join us in our tasting area.

Some equipment features:

  • Thermo Scientific Gas chromatograph – tests impurities in alcohol

  • Anton Paar density meter– measures alcohol strength, the % of alcohol in a product

  • Shimadzu UV Spectrophotometer – tests impurities in alcohol.

  • Hanna PH meter – measures the acidity of the alcohol

  • Buchi alcohol distillation instrument – is used to measure the alcohol % in a spirit


On June 18th we, along with our architects Houweling Architecten, were awarded the 2022 Gemma Smid Publieksprijs for our headquarters.

This prize is awarded once every two years along with the Architecture prize for new buildings in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. We are honored to be recognized alongside the other contenders.



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