Quarterly Newsletter June 2023

Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

Welcome to the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, where we bring you highlights, updates, and insights from the past few months. In this edition we’d like to share the following:

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  • Product highlights: 100% Agave Sprit and Whisky
  • Spotlight on: Our team
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The Sasma Team


Last year Sasma celebrated 20 years of business and in honor of starting another decade, we recently launched a new logo. 

What’s new, what does it stand for? 

  • The “a” is reminiscent of a water droplet, water being essential to our business.
  • We incorporated the copper color as a tribute to our spirits side of the business, reminiscent of a copper still or the warm rich color of whisky. One of our most important products.
  • We also incorporated our established date, 2002, an ode to our longstanding business and partnerships within the industry.

Watch the evolution of our logo


In this edition of our newsletter, we address the current economic climate and its implications for our business. The slowdown in economic activities has triggered concerns about a potential economic crisis, resulting in a cautious approach from buyers and reduced commitments, leading to a decrease in demand. 

As a consequence of this decreased demand, we have observed a notable impact on the pricing of raw materials, which have become more affordable due to the lower market demand. Moreover, there is a contrast in energy prices between Europe and other parts of the world, with Europe experiencing a decline while energy prices remain high in other places.

Another area affected by the economic slowdown is the transport of goods via freight vessels. We have witnessed a substantial decrease in this area, which has had a significant effect on selling prices. This can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the lack of demand, an oversupply of vessels and containers, and the lingering impact of the pandemic-induced shortage.

Assessing the current state of our business is a complex and always changing task. While we haven’t entered into a full-blown recession, we acknowledge the need for cautious monitoring and adaptability to address these challenges effectively. One thing remains certain – our focus lies in growth opportunities.



AGAVE SPIRITS are on the rise! There has been a surge in the tequila market and tequila alternatives are on the rise. We now offer 100% Agave spirit and 100% Smoked Agave Spirit. 


We offer whisky of various origins. We continue to increase our barrel inventory. Please reach out to inquire about our whisky products.


  • Our team is growing! We recently hired positions on our Sales and Logistics teams.
  • We celebrated two work anniversaries: 5 years for Tim, our Trader for Africa, and Han, our CFO
  • Sasma Team Day: Our team enjoyed a fun day out in Amsterdam – we enjoyed a boat ride, cocktail making, dinner and just overall a great time for us to get together.


We would love to meet you in person as the upcoming trade fairs that our sales team will be attending:

Reach out to us to schedule a time: [email protected]

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