Quarterly Newsletter September 2021

Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

It is our pleasure to bring you up to speed about recent updates at Sasma in Q3.


We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new Sasma website. The site boasts a new look and feel, easy usability, new imagery & video, and easy access to product information and information about our company. Please visit the new site and have a look around sasmabv.com

We would be amiss not to mention the current state of logistics and how it continues to impact our business and our customers. Issues continue to include port congestion, container availability, and freight rates. Read more below about how we are dedicated to problem solving and working around worldwide logistical issues.

As our business continues to grow, so does our team. We are expanding several of our departments to support our growing business. Our Quality, Finance, Logistics and Trading departments will all be hiring new colleagues within the next several weeks. We look forward to welcoming them in our Dutch headquarters and supporting our customers and business. Furthermore, we continue to welcome visitors to our headquarters who are vaccinated or have a negative test result with a rapid test that we supply upon arrival.

We look forward to our continued partnerships and new partnerships as we enter Q4.

-Hans van der Kloot


In the Industrial and commercial side of our business, we now sell Synthetic Anhydrous 99%. One of the major US suppliers of Synthetic Anhydrous 99% will stop producing by the end of this year. We are pleased to share that we have availability at our European distilleries for this product for select customers.

Please inquire with our Sales Team to learn more.


Sasma has owned and operated warehouses throughout Europe in addition to shared warehouses with our sister company, Ultra Pure, in the US. Our orders have steadily increased over the last several years for our whisky products, namely our Scottish Whisky, Canadian Whiskey and US produced whiskey. As we become increasingly more active in the whisky arena we have also significantly increased our available inventory that’s ready to ship immediately.

Please inquire with our Sales Team about our ready to ship products.



At Sasma we continue to work through logistical issues and delays that are being impacted by global supply chain problems. All import business is being impacted. In general there are not enough vessels which in turn, results in less space on containers. Lack in vessels is mainly due to local Covid-19 lockdowns and labor shortages. These issues also result in higher freight costs that have been increasing month over month, in extreme cases we have seen costs quadruple over time.

What makes Sasma different and why work with us? We have a global network and we think outside of the box when it comes to supplying our clients with products. As certain products are impossible to get from point A to B in this current climate, we will ensure that our clients get their products from a different source in a timely manner. We have the contacts to get you the alcohol that you need. This has become one of our strengths in these challenging times.

Our team is constantly problem solving and helping around the clock to work through these issues to get our customers their products in a timely manner. Please reach out to our team to learn about our current availability of products within local markets – where local shipping and local lead times would apply.


Guy van Everdingen
Jolien ten Broeke

Meet Jolien ten Broeke and Guy van Everdingen, Sasma’s Sales Managers who head up sales within the Asia market. In our recent Q and A interview, we talked about trends within the Asian market, the bulk spirits market, and trends in spirits that are working throughout the region.




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