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Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, of which the majority spills out from rivers. The Ocean Cleanup’s mission is to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. They do this by cleaning up the legacy plastic in ocean garbage patches, and by intercepting plastic in rivers before it reaches the ocean. Their ambition is to reduce floating plastic in the oceans with 90% by 2040.

The Ocean Cleanup is a non profit organization that was founded in 2013 by 18 year old Dutch inventor Boyan Slat. The Ocean Cleanup has developed a system that catches plastic in oceans and in rivers. Plastic negatively impacts our ecosystems, our health and our economies. Sasma is proud to sponsor The Ocean Cleanup in order to help rid our rivers and oceans of plastic. We know the importance of water as it is both essential to transport and separately within production of alcohol. We support this mission and help the communities that are directly impacted by plastic waste in our waters.

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