Trade Fair Success: Sasma BV Makes Waves in the Beverage Industry

Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

The demand for premium alcohol is soaring across industries, fueled by the increased interest in quality ingredients and consistency.

Sasma BV is proud to be a global company that caters to all; we buy alcohol, sell various assortments for food and beverage and non-food, and offer direct blending services. As the industry shifts, international and beverage trade fairs have become increasingly important in our operations. Every year, we look forward to introducing the team and forging relationships with suppliers, distributors, and prospective customers worldwide!

Sasma booth at ProWein Trade Fair

Spirits Trade Fair: Explained

Trade fairs in the beverage industry play a crucial role in fostering innovation. By being there in person, we’re able to share new product information, keep you up-to-date on emerging trends, and gain valuable insights into customer preferences for bulk alcohol.

Sasma is driven by a strong dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, earning us a reputable standing in the industry. What makes us premium is the quality of our products–we also work with the best-in-class team of sales, logistics, and customer service representatives to provide the best price value to our clients.

ProWein, held in Düsseldorf, stands as the largest international trade fair covering the entire global market. The notable in-person event holds exhibitors from 62 countries and visitors from 145 countries, with controlled admission exclusive to industry professionals. In addition to re-joining ProWein in March 2024, stay tuned for our upcoming shows:

  • Dropet in Marbella, Spain – May 22-26
  • Imbibe Live in Olympia, London – July 3-4
  • IBWSS in San Francisco, USA – July 25-26
  • Bar Convent Berlin in Berlin Germany, October 9-11
  • Salon du Rhum Spa in Belgium – October 14
  • IBWSS in London, England – November 15-16
  • WBWE in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – November 20-21
  • Food Ingredients in Frankfurt, Germany – November 28-30
  • ProWein in Dusseldorf, Germany – March 10-12, 2024

Trade fair participants can expand on market research and establish global brand visibility, acting as catalysts for business growth and opening doors to new market opportunities. Get in touch to explore potential partnerships with us, from distilleries to manufacturers.

Efficient and Seamless Operations

Sasma takes great pride in our extensive global network of alcohol distilleries, which enables us to source raw materials and various grades of alcohol from around the world at competitive prices. We offer a wide range of bulk spirits to cater to your diverse needs.

Sasma booth at ProWein trade fair

Maintaining the highest quality standards is a top priority for us. Our labs play a pivotal role in ensuring the excellence of our products by conducting rigorous quality control measures and meeting all necessary requirements and certifications. We are proud to hold certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 22000 for food management, as well as certifications for fair trade, USDA, EU, and Kosher compliance.

All departments simultaneously work together seamlessly to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Logistics collaborates with suppliers, carriers, and clients to strengthen our operations and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by prioritizing prompt delivery while maintaining safety and security throughout the supply chain. From procurement to warehousing, transportation, and delivery, we ensure a streamlined and hassle-free process.

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