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Here you can find the certificates that Sasma complies:

certificate USDA organic

USDA Organic

Our products have been certified as USDA organic by fulfilling strict production, handling and labelling requirements. The program addresses a variety of standards, such as soil and water quality
certificate NON GMO


The Non GMO label guarantees that our products are produced without genetically engineered/modified feed, supplements or ingredients. Non GMO products are available upon request
certificate USP


United States Pharmacopeia certification ensures the quality and safety of our products used in medicines, dietary supplements and foods

Lloyd's Register

We adhere to the ISO 9001 Quality Management system and the ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management system.
OK_Kosher_logo 1


Sasma offers Kosher certified products. KLBD is the largest kosher certification agency in Europe, as well as one of the top five in the world
certificate The Gin Guild member

Gin Guild Member

We are a proud member of the Gin Guild - participating with gin distillers and exporters in the gin industry forum
certificate leaves

EU Organic

Our products have been certified as EU organic and fulfill strict conditions on how they must be produced, processed, transported and stored.
certificate GMP


Sasma can supply products that adhere to GMP standards. Good Manufacturing Practices requirements are set by agencies with products that are consistently high in quality, from batch to batch.


Here you can find the certificates to which Sasma complies with:

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