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Sasma Supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

At Sasma BV, we believe in a future where business and sustainability go hand in hand. This year we are proud to align a handful of our initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global blueprint for a better and more sustainable future. We have chosen to focus our efforts on four key SDGs that resonate with our values and vision. Our goal is to make a positive impact through our partnerships and initiatives in Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, and our commitment to supporting Life on Land. Our dedication to these goals reflects our commitment in doing our part in creating a brighter and more sustainable world.
Explore our sustainability page below to discover more about our efforts and partnerships.
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Sustainability Goals for 2023

Quality Education

We partnered with Providencia Centro de Formación Integral to support children and families to provide quality and education.


Clean Water and Sanitation

We partnered with “Water for Life” supporting low income communities to help build access to clean water.


Affordable and Clean Energy

Our Sasma building was built with the goal of being carbon neutral, we give back excess energy, use well water to control our climate, etc.

Life on Land

We partnered with “Wood You Care” where a portion of our sales goes to planting trees, benefitting ecosystems, and creating jobs for the local community in selling the fruits from the trees.


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