Sasma’s logistics team is customer service oriented and solution based. We work together with you in a flexible and timely manner.


Packaging and Shipping

We are a global distributor and trader for bulk premium alcohol. We have warehouses throughout Europe where we can ship globally, we also ship directly from the distillery to our customers. Additionally, our sister company Ultra Pure is based in the United States with warehouses throughout North America.

We sell in bulk. Our packaging options include Drums,  IBC’s, and ISO tanks.

Download the Sasma packaging spec sheets

Sasma’s logistics team is customer service oriented and solution based. We work together with you in a flexible and timely manner.

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With our deep knowledge and extensive network, Sasma is able to help customers to get supplied with the alcohol they need in order to produce their products with logistical support 24 hours per day.

  • Transparent

    Customers are given access to a user friendly portal in which they can login at any time to find all information regarding Tracking, Downloadable packing lists, Invoices, Documentation, and view order history.

  • Packaging and Shipping

    We work with Drums, IBC’s and ISO tanks. Sasma arranges shipping & trucking through dry 20ft containers, ISO containers and LCL shipments

  • Minimums

    Minimums start at 1,000 liters for Spirits and Distillates and go up to 10,000 liters minimum for industrial alcohol

  • Distribution

    Distribution warehouses in Belgium from where we ship worldwide; we also ship our products directly to the customer; our sister company Ultra pure has 6 warehouses across the USA from where they can distribute the alcohols and spirits

  • Source supply

    Annual source supply 50+ million liters. We work with over 50 distilleries globally


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