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Food grade alcohol

Food grade alcohol is (as the name suggests) specifically designed for food and beverages. Food grade alcohol, means ethyl alcohol that is safe for human consumption. This is due to its purity and lack of additives. Food grade alcohol can be referred to as several commonly used names such as food grade ethanol, non denatured alcohol, grain alcohol, extra neutral alcohol.   We are your global partner for supplying you with premium alcohol. The 99% purity in food grade alcohol makes it a great product to use in food-grade alcohol drinks. 

The applications and use of food grade alcohol

Food grade alcohol is useful for many different applications. Most common uses are the production of tinctures and topicals. Making flavour extracts like vanilla and citrus. Organic cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces. Food grade alcohol is also used in cosmetics and perfumery, cake decorating, baking and candy making. In the business of candy making, the alcohol can be used for candy glazes. Food grade alcohol is a powerful natural human-safe solvent, useful for lots of food safe applications that come in contact with people. This is the reason that, food grade alcohol is especially useful in the kitchen, laboratory, or workbench.  

Choose Sasma to supply you with food grade alcohol

Are you looking for a supplier for food grade alcohol? Why not choose Sasma as your preferred supplier? We are one of the world’s largest independently owned suppliers of bulk premium alcohol, bulk organic alcohol and bulk spirits. There are a variety of packaging and transportation options when it comes to ordering bulk food grade alcohol and it all depends on the order quantity and the end destination. Our highly qualified sales and logistics teams can advise you concerning packaging and transportation options. Sasma has the ability to source and supply premium alcohols all over the world. We are also a leader in supplying organic alcohols. Additionally, we provide certified alcohols such as Kosher, USDA, and EU Organic, and Non GMO certified products. Sasma can supply alcohol for all industries – food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical, cosmetic, and electronic.  Sasma’s in-house laboratory and quality department ensures the quality of its products like food grade alcohol and meets all requirements and certifications. We work according to the regulations of the ISO 9001 Quality management system. We are an ISO 22000:2018 certified company. We meet your specific demands, working flexibly and dependably. If you have questions about food grade alcohol or are looking to buy it, you can easily make an inquiry on our website or send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at  +31 79 204 0814. We are, gladly, here to help!
What is the difference between food grade alcohol and regular alcohol?

Food grade alcohol is specifically designed and produced for use in food and beverage applications while regular alcohol may contain additives or impurities that make it unsafe for human consumption. Food grade alcohol is highly purified and distilled to remove any harmful substances or impurities ensuring that it is safe for use in food and drink products. Regular alcohol may be denatured with chemicals or additives to make it unfit for consumption and is often used in industrial applications such as cleaning or fuel. It is important to note that consuming regular alcohol can be dangerous and even toxic whereas food grade alcohol is safe for human consumption when used appropriately.

How is food grade alcohol produced to ensure its purity and safety for human consumption?

Food grade alcohol is produced using a highly controlled and regulated process to ensure its purity and safety for human consumption. The alcohol is typically derived from natural sources such as grains or fruits and is then distilled multiple times to remove any impurities or harmful substances. This results in a highly purified and concentrated form of alcohol. This has a high percentage of ethyl alcohol. In addition to the distillation process food grade alcohol is also carefully filtered and tested to ensure that it meets all safety and purity standards. This includes testing for things like contaminants, heavy metals and other harmful substances that could potentially harm human health. The end result is a high-quality, pure form of alcohol that is safe for use in a variety of food and beverage applications.

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