Organic Alcohol

EU organic and USDA NOP organic

Organic alcohol is commonly used across several industries, from distillers, ready to bottle and food to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As a bulk supplier of organic alcohol, Sasma offers various bulk packaging options for this alcohol.

What is Organic Alcohol?

Organic alcohol is free from chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. For alcohol to have organic certification, it must adhere to strict standards set by the government and the food industry. These standards include all stages of the production process, meaning production, processing and packaging.

Why use Organic Alcohol?

The demand for organic alcohol has been rising steadily on a global level. The market is expanding as consumers are more conscious of what they purchase. Consumer consciousness includes consumption of organic spirits such as organic gin or organic whisky but also relates to a vast amount of other organic items such as beauty products, medicines and food. 

Organic Certification

We are certified European Organic and USDA NOP by the Control Union in the Netherlands to handle organic products. Sasma has been sourcing and supplying premium quality Certified Organic Alcohols for 20 years. Our well-established worldwide network of organic suppliers enables us to source organic alcohol from a broad range of regions and production locations. Each and every one of our suppliers of Certified Organic meet all requirements of extensive quality evaluation.

Our Organic Certified Alcohols 96% (Organic Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) 96%) are produced by fermenting and distilling molasses and grains certified by the EU and USDA.

Why work with Sasma?

We meet your distinctive demands, working flexibly and dependable. Sasma is an ISO 9001:2015 and 22000:2005 certified company. We are able to supply the highest quality and do so consistently.

Applications and use
  • Spirits production
  • Flavour production
  • Fragrance production
  • Preservatives
  • Vinegar production
  • Extraction
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd's Register, EU Organic
Available upon request
Kosher, Non GMO


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