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American Whiskey

From Rye whiskey to Moonshine whiskey


American whiskey is whiskey made in America, but what distinguishes the American whiskey from other traditional whisk(e)y producing countries like Ireland or Scotland? The extensive varieties and the vibrant American whiskey scene. We can supply American whiskey in 1000 litre IBCs and 25,000 litre ISO tanks.

What is American Whiskey?

American whiskey is made from fermented and distilled material such as American Corn and/ or American Rye and is then aged in American Oak barrels. These Ingredients, the barrel origin and the ageing period affect the taste and texture of the American Whiskey.

An increase in demand for American whiskey

Currently, corn whiskey, rye whiskey, bourbon and wheat whiskeys are being distilled in different parts of the states. In addition, the industry is experimenting with flavoured whiskeys like honey, cherry, cider, lime, gingerbread and even spice. Based on marketing and popular culture, American whiskey is fast gaining a global stand in the world. American whiskey enjoys greater prestige overseas than American beer, for example, leading to an increase in American whiskey exports.

Have you developed a taste for American Whiskey, or think that your customers might? We supply American Whiskey that is ready to bottle, in bulk. Have a look through our assortment and find out which American Whiskey best suits your needs.

Corn whiskey

Corn whiskey is a whiskey type that does not heavily focus on barrels and ageing. The taste is reminiscent of the corn influence, as there are little or no barrel flavours involved.

Rye Whiskey

Rye whiskey is one of the bolder whiskey types and must contain at least 51% rye. This American whiskey is heavier and can have more striking taste notes ranging from grainy to spicy. Rye whiskey is an older, sharper type of whiskey which is currently regaining popularity.

Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey is one of the most famous American Whiskies. Bourbon can be already called bourbon after only touching the would of the American Oak barrel. However, most of the clients are looking for Straight Bourbon, which means 2 years of age.

Moonshine Whiskey

Over three centuries ago, bootleggers who were selling alcohol illegally made whiskey at night so they would not be spotted by authorities. As they were making American whiskey in the moonlight, the spirit was named moonshine. Despite being produced legally nowadays, this American spirit is still referred to as moonshine. This whiskey’s name is just as interesting as its flavour.



  • Corn Whiskey
  • Rye Whiskey
  • Wheat Whiskey
  • Barley Whiskey
  • Moonshine whiskey
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