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Rye Whiskey

All about whiskey and rye

Rye whiskey is a distilled spirit that is made from fermented grain mash which must include a minimum of 51% rye. We offer bulk rye whiskey in 25,000 liter ISO tanks and in 1000 liter IBCs.

What is Rye Whiskey?

The most known Rye Whiskey is the American Rye Whiskey, which is made in the US and also the oldest whiskey of the country. Containing at least 51% rye grain by law, this whiskey has a distinctive flavour. The taste includes fruity, spicy and more grainy notes. The spirit must be aged in new charred oak barrels.

The other variant would be the Canadian Rye Whisky. In contrast to the American Rye Whiskey, the Canadian Whisky doesn’t have any regulations regarding a minimum use of rye content as long as the whiskey is aged for at least three years.

Straight Rye Whiskey

Straight Rye Whiskey must comply with all requirements or regular rye whiskey, but must also be aged for a minimum of two years. Furthermore, this straight whiskey is not allowed to be blended with other whiskies or contain any added flavouring, colouring, or other additional spirits.

The Rebirth of Rye

Rye whiskey has been around since colonial times, but whiskey connoisseurs and consumers alike are beginning to rediscover this whiskey and enjoy its big and brash flavour. Rye whiskey’s volume has increased 536% within the time period of 2009-2014, according to data from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. This whiskey is especially sought after due to its strong personality and an increase in demand for more flavourful cocktails and drinks. An oldy but goody, the rye whiskey taste is making a comeback.

Do you think this whiskey may be a valuable addition to your product portfolio? Get in touch to find out which whiskey best compliments your business. We can supply American Rye Whiskey and Canadian Rye Whisky at cask strenght or ready to bottle in bulk.

Additional information

Legal requirements

The Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits (27 C.F.R. 5) state that Rye Whiskey made for U.S. consumption must be:
  • Made from a mash of at least 51% rye.
(Other ingredients in the mash are usually corn and malted barley.)
  • Distilled to no more than 160 (U.S.) proof (80% abv)
  • Aged in charred, new oak barrels.
  • Put into the barrels at no more than 125 (U.S.) proof (62.5% abv).
Rye whiskey that has been aged in this way for at least two years may be further designated as “straight”, as in “straight rye whiskey”.
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd’s Register


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