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Fruit Liqueurs

Cherry liqueur, berry liqueur and more

Fruit liqueur can be made from many different kinds of fruit ranging from plum to juniper berry. We can supply fruit liqueur in 1000 litre IBCs and 200 litre HDPE drums.

What is Fruit Liqueur?

Fruit liqueur is made from fermented and distilled fruits. The fruits most commonly used to make the most popular liqueurs tends to grow in temperate climate regions. Variations of fruit liqueur include cherry liqueur, pear liqueur, peach liqueur, apricot liqueur and plum liqueur, just to name a few. Berries can also be made into liqueur, including raspberry liqueur, blueberry liqueur and juniper berry liqueur, but the possibilities are far more extensive. Thanks to our global network we can supply a vast selection of fruit liqueurs.

Fruit liqueur: fruits of labour and history

Fruit liqueur production is an ancient tradition and based on the simple principle that anything containing sugar may be fermented to produce alcohol. Historically, windfall fruit and discarded fruits were used so as not to let them go to waste, especially after economic downturn brought about by World War I. After economic upturn, the demand for all fruit liqueurs proceeded to rise. In today’s fruit liqueur production distillation is comprised of two rounds. The initial round produces three parts: the head, which is not drinkable, the heart that contains the potable alcohol, meaning it is drinkable, and lastly the tail which contains a higher alcohol level and is also not drinkable. The heart is therefore used in final distillation to create a pure product with a strong aroma and lingering taste that has a high alcohol content.

Are you curious about fruit liqueur? Get in touch to find out which fruit liqueur is right for your business; catering to your customers’ taste and ready to bottle.



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