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Hard Seltzer


The Ready-to-Drink category is one of the fastest growing categories in recent years. RTD’s include hard seltzers, flavored alcoholic beverages and pre-mixed cocktails.


At Sasma we continue to be innovative in our sourcing and buying of new alcohol related products. For the third consecutive year, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products were the fastest growing alcohol category (ISWR Drinks Market Analysis). The United States is the world’s biggest contributor to an anticipated +43% global volume consumption increase for RTDs during 2020. In June we saw the introduction of the first hard seltzer in the United Kingdom (White Claw®) and along with external market research, we believe that there is a huge opportunity for growth. Much of this interest and growth in the category is driven by innovation and convenience. Hard Seltzers are easy to drink, low in calories, low in sugar and flavorful. A popular alternative to cocktails and wine spritzers.

The lower alcohol content for RTD’s has price advantages, taxed at a fraction of Spirits. Buying these alcohols opens other distribution channels that are not licensed to buy spirits such as supermarkets and sports and music venues. Inquire today!

Sasma is pleased to offer a wide assortment of base alcohols that can be used for developing RTD’s

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