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China has its own “home-grown” spirit, Baijiu. This spirit is made from a wide variety of grains such as wheat, barley, sorghum, and sometimes rice and bean.

Baijiu is often distilled in column stills and also aged in clay jars which are porous enough to allow the spirit to breathe and mellow. This is exactly the same way as the whisky barrels. This allows Baijiu suppliers to even supply the Baijiu in different ages.

Baijiu can be classed in different classifications:

  1. Strong
  2. Mild
  3. Soy sauce (extra long fermentation)
  4. Rice
  5. Compound


Taste properties Herbal, slightly fruity, and at times medicinal. there is a distinct soy sauce note, giving it an unusually good flavour.

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Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd’s Register

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