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Blended Alcohol

Alcohol blending is an ideal method for producing a high-quality spirit from different alcohol varieties. More distillers are turning to blend services to ensure consistency in popular beverages. 

If you’re looking for a reliable alcohol supplier or professional blending services of quality bulk spirits, Sasma is your trusted source! We offer a range of signature spirits that can be combined to meet your brand’s requirements, and work directly with brand owners looking to create a new product for their assortment. Our supply is ready to bottle and ship, from 1000 litre IBC to 25,000 litre ISO tanks upon request.

What is Alcohol Blending?

At Sasma, alcohol blending involves combining varied spirits to reach the desired (ABV) by diluting or modifying flavor. You should never have to compromise on the taste, aroma, or alcohol content of your spirit. 

Our popular inquiries for alcohol blending include Gin, Vodka, and Rum. Blending allows distillers to combine different characteristics for a new quality product. For example, we can blend lighter and darker rums, add botanicals for gin, or blend premium vodkas of different ages. There are a wide range of flavor possibilities that can be added to spirits like Gin and Vodka, such as peach, blueberry, vanilla, and cucumber (for vodka), among others–the possibilities are endless. We take into account all requirements and certifications to meet your needs.

At Sasma, we also blend whiskies; please visit our blended whisky page for more information. We ensure each spirit meets a certain set of criteria while complying with guidelines per ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd’s Register, and other E.U. and U.S. certifications. 

Quality Base Spirits for RTDs

As the market for spirits continues to grow, more brands and companies are seeking suppliers for their base alcohol needs. While not every alcoholic beverage starts with a neutral spirit base, it plays a crucial role in producing popular drinks like gin, vodka, and Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages. 

Base spirits are also an excellent option for blending. Using a neutral spirit as a base provides brands with the flexibility to experiment and create innovative alcoholic beverages without the added requirements that come with making a spirit from scratch. 

Blended Alcohol At Sasma

Are you looking to customize your spirits? Get in touch to learn about our blending services. Our team will provide you and your business with a seamless experience. For more information on Blended Alcohol at Sasma, email us at [email protected] or call us at +31 79 363 3064.

Which types of spirits are commonly blended at Sasma?

At Sasma, we commonly blend spirits such as gin, vodka, rum, and whisky. We combine different botanicals, flavors and alcohol bases to create unique gin profiles. Our vodka blending services offer customization options with various flavors. For rum, we blend different types to achieve desired flavors and consistency. We also provide whisky blending, carefully selecting and blending whiskies to create customized blends. Our goal is to deliver high-quality and distinctive blended spirits to meet our clients' specifications.

What advantages does using a neutral spirit as a base provide for blending?

Using a neutral spirit as a base for blending offers advantages such as versatility in flavor customization, consistent taste across batches, precise control over alcohol content, time and cost efficiency and flexibility in creating unique flavor profiles. It provides distillers with a blank canvas to add and manipulate flavors while maintaining consistency and quality.

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Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd’s Register, Kosher, Non GMO, GMP

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