Neutral Corn Alcohol

Corn alcohol is a neutral spirit and has an extensive range of uses that span alcohol distillation, spirits, vinegar production, being a solvent for flavourings and also acting as a preservative. We supply this raw material in bulk for your business.

What is corn alcohol?

Corn alcohol 96% is an ultra premium alcohol produced in the EU or the US by fermenting and distilling corn. The difference between these two regions is that the corn alcohol produced in the EU is non-GMO. The raw material alcohol is distilled in one of our dedicated distilleries. Our corn alcohol has a neutral smell, taste, clear colour and very low impurities.

Why use corn alcohol in your distillation process?

Our corn alcohol is clear and colorless, with a neutral smell. This base alcohol is glutenfree and non-GMO. Corn Alcohol 96% is a neutral spirit that is used in the distilled spirits industry. This base spirit is the perfect ingredient for the production of ultra premium vodka, premium gin and other white spirits.

Thinking corn alcohol might be right for your alcohol distillation? Feel free to review our packaging options to see which quantities are right for you.

Applications of the product

  • Production of spirits and alcoholic beverages
  • Preservative
  • Vinegar production
  • Solvent for flavouring
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd's Register
Available upon request
Gluten Free, Non GMO


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