Neutral Potato Alcohol

Potato Alcohol

Potato alcohol is well-known for its use in potato vodka production, but also has other application. We supply this raw material alcohol in bulk. Find out whether potato alcohol is right for your distillation process.

What is potato alcohol?

Our Potato alcohol is a form of pure alcohol produced by fermenting and distilling potatoes, which make a neutral spirit that is also a gluten free alcohol. Typical strength is 96%. Our neutral spirits, or base spirits, are ready to be distilled with your botanicals and herbs. They can be used for making all different kinds of spirits, liqueurs, and other alcoholic beverages.

300 years ago, Swedish scientist Eva Ekeblad who was the first female member of the Swedish Academy of Science was credited with discovering that potatoes could be used to produce alcohol.  It has also been said that traditionally Potato Alcohol comes from Poland and Germany. And for centuries, potatoes were the bedrock of the Polish vodka industry. Due to potatoes only growing in certain climates, potato alcohol is produced in various regions of the Northern Hemisphere such as the US, Canada, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. We continue to source potato alcohol from these countries and partner with distilleries in the United States, Canada and throughout Europe to provide a broader range of potato alcohol.

When potato alcohol is used for vodka, it has a very distinct, smooth flavor and taste profile. In addition to vodka, potato alcohol can also be used for blending in vodka based ready-to-drink beverages.

Why use potato alcohol in your distillation process?

Potato alcohol is clear and colorless, with a neutral smell. This raw material alcohol is famous for its specific character. Although it is neutral spirit, potato alcohol is noted for its slightly creamy texture and giving spirits a silky-smooth taste. We supply various kinds of potato alcohol. You can choose between potato alcohol that has been distilled either four, five or six times. Most contemporary vodkas are made with grains, with only a small percentage of the market being occupied by potato vodka. We therefore also offer the option of potato vodka 40%. This neutral spirit is a gluten free alcohol. It is also GMO free, an ideal base spirit for alcohol production with a smooth taste.

Interested in adding some potato smoothness to your distillation? Feel free to review our packaging options to see which quantities are right for you.

Applications and Use

Neutral Potato Alcohol is commonly used in the production of Vodka, as potatoes and grains provide a neutral flavor profile for the alcohol. The use of potato alcohol to produce alcoholic beverages, however, is just limited to just vodka. Many more spirits are made using Neutral Potato Alcohol as a base. It many also be used as a preservative, a solvent for flavoring, or extracting.

HOWS ITS MADE Our Potato Alcohol is produced by fermenting and distilling potatoes to create a form of pure alcohol. This neutral spirit also is gluten free. STEP ONE Preparation of the Mash To prepare the mash, the potatoes are typically put into mash tub machines that will mash them automatically. To mash the potatoes, the tub is rotated and breaks them down while adding granulated malt meal. This is added to catalyze the conversion of starches to sugar. STEP TWO Sterilization and Inoculation mixture. To facilitate fermentation in the following step, lactic acid bacteria are added to the mash; this will aid in raising acidity levels, which will be beneficial during fermentation. As the acidity levels reaches the desired level, the mash is moved to fermentation, as it has been sterilized and inoculated. STEP THREE Fermentation Once the mash has been sterilized and inoculated, it is poured into vats made of stainless steel. Before these vats are sealed, yeast is added to the mash. The vats are then sealed for 2 to 4 days, giving the yeast enzymes plenty of time to convert the sugars present in the mixture into alcohol. At the end of this process, the product is an ethyl alcohol that is now ready for distillation. STEP FOUR Distillation and Rectification The liquid produced during the fermentation phase is pumped into stainless steel columns, known as stills. These stills contain a variety of vaporization chambers, where the alcohol is heated with steam. This results in vapors which are then condensed, causing them to rise into the upper chamber of the stills where they are then extracted from the mixture and discarded. STEP FIVE Dilution and Bottling In the final step of production, the concentrated liquid has an alcohol content ranging between 95 and 100%. Before bottling the alcohol, water is added to decrease the alcohol percentage to 40%. Once diluted, the distilled spirit is ready for bottling. The bottling process includes cleaning, capping and sealing into bottles, labelling, and loading into transport containers.

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