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Rice Alcohol

Rice Alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling rice. We supply this neutral spirit in bulk at an extra neutral alcohol level.

What is Rice Alcohol?

Rice alcohol 96% is a raw material alcohol produced by fermenting and distilling rice. Rice alcohol is a neutral spirit and often used in the production of vinegar and alcoholic beverages. In addition to making rice vinegar, this neutral spirit can be used to make sake, soju, baiju and many other distilled spirits.

Why use rice alcohol as part of your distillation process?

Our rice alcohol is non-GMO and an extra neutral alcohol. Thanks to its neutral smell, taste and clear colour, this base spirit does not overshadow other flavours. Rice alcohol is therefore an ideal base for a range of different spirits including vodka, but can also be used in the food industry for the production of rice vinegar.

Sake, baiju, soju

Although it is not limited to these spirits thanks to its neutrality, rice alcohol may be used for the production of well-known Asian beverages and spirits. The Chinese spirit baiju, Japanese sake or Korean soju can be produced with this neutral spirit as their base.

Thinking about making rice alcohol part of distillation process and adding some diversity to your product range? We provide non-GMO rice alcohol. Feel free to explore the packaging options for rice alcohol to see which best suit your needs.

What is the process of making Rice Alcohol?

To make Rice Alcohol, rice grains are soaked, cooked and mixed with enzymes for sugar conversion. The mixture is then fermented with yeast or microbes, converting the sugars into alcohol over several days or weeks. After fermentation, the liquid is distilled to separate alcohol from impurities followed by filtration for purity. The alcohol content is adjusted, often to 96%, and the final product is packaged for distribution.

Which alcoholic beverages can be made using Rice Alcohol?

Rice Alcohol can be used to make a variety of alcoholic beverages. Some examples include sake, soju, baiju and other distilled spirits. Its neutral taste and clear color make it an ideal base for these drinks. Additionally, Rice Alcohol can be utilized in the production of rice vinegar and even as a base for vodka.

Additional information

Applications and use

  • Production of alcoholic beverages
  • Preservative
  • Vinegar production
  • Solvent for flavouring
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd's Register
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