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Neutral Wine Alcohol

From wine to a neutral spirit

Wine Alcohol is made by distilling wine. We supply this neutral spirit in bulk at an extra neutral alcohol level.

What is Wine Alcohol?

Wine alcohol 96% is a raw material alcohol produced from an extensive distillation of grape wine. As a neutral spirit, this alcohol is often used in alcohol production.

Why use wine alcohol as part of your distillation process?

Our wine alcohol is non-GMO and an extra neutral alcohol. Although it is distilled from grape wine, the character of the grape is not retained. Thanks to its neutral smell, taste and clear colour, this base spirit does not overshadow other flavours. It can be used for the production of many distilled spirits, including vodka.

Brandy and fortified wine

Brandy is a beverage made by distilling wine, therefore wine alcohol is an ideal base spirit for brandy production. Fortified wine is also a beverage that wine alcohol can help produce. This type of wine has a distilled spirit added to it to increase its alcohol content and add flavour. Fortified wine may be wine such as port or sherry, to which a distilled spirit such as brandy may be added. Spirits made from wine alcohol are a product of distillation, while fortified wine is wine that simply had a spirit added to it.

Has this neutral spirit made you curious? Perhaps it’s time for wine. We provide non-GMO wine alcohol. Feel free to explore the packaging options for wine alcohol to see which quantities best suit your needs.

What makes Wine Alcohol a neutral spirit?

Wine alcohol is considered a neutral spirit because it is distilled to a high level of purity resulting in a neutral smell and taste that does not overpower other flavors. This is achieved by removing impurities and congeners which are chemical compounds that give spirits their distinctive flavor and aroma. As a result, wine alcohol can be used as a base spirit for a wide range of distilled spirits without imparting any particular taste or odor.

What are the advantages of using Wine Alcohol in the distillation process?

Wine alcohol is a popular choice in the distillation process for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a neutral spirit meaning it has a neutral smell, taste and clear colour that doesn’t overshadow other flavours. Additionally, it is non-GMO and produced from an extensive distillation of grape wine. Despite being distilled from wine, the character of the grape is not retained allowing it to be used for the production of many different types of distilled spirits including vodka. Finally, it is an ideal base spirit for the production of brandy and fortified wines such as port and sherry.

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Applications and use

  • Brandy
  • Fortified Wine
  • Vinegar production
  • Solvent for aromas
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd’s Register, EU Organic
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