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Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol

The sweet side of organic in alcohol production

Our organic sugar cane alcohol is suitable for the production of organic beverages, organic spirits, organic vinegar and can also act as a preservative. We are certified European Organic and USDA NOP by the Control Union, the Netherlands, to handle organic products.

What is Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol?

Organic sugar cane alcohol 96% (Organic Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) 96%) is produced by fermenting and distilling molasses from certified organic grown sugarcane. The alcohol has a clear colour and is low on impurities.

Why use organic sugar cane alcohol as part of your distillation process?

Organic sugar cane alcohol is a versatile base spirit for organic alcohol production. Organic rum, organic cachaça, and many other organic spirits can be made with Organic Sugarcane Alcohol. Our Gluten-free raw material alcohol offers craft distillers flexibility in alcohol production. Since organic sugar cane alcohol can be used to make spirits ranging from bitter to tropical palettes, distillers can target various markets and tastes with this raw material alcohol, while also considering the niche for organic spirits. Organic sugar cane’s uses even reach beyond alcohol production. It can also function as a preservative, aid in vinegar production, fragrance production and many other food applications.

The organic sugarcane cannot be considered as a Fairtrade product at the moment. Fairtrade ​​​​​​​is actually only certified when small farmers are supplying the distillery. 

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Organic sugarcane alcohol can also be used in

Organic sugar cane alcohol can also be used to produce vinegar, Vodka drinks, Hard seltzers for canning and the cosmetic industry. 


Alcoholic strength ≥ 96.0% v/v
Acidity ≤ 1.2 g/hl
Esters ≤ 1.0 g/hl
Aldehydes ≤ 1.0 g/hl
Methanol ≤ 30 g/hl
Higher Alcohols ≤ 0.5 g/hl


cert-k--Gluten_Free_Alcohol.pngcert-k--EU-Organic-Logo.pngcert-k--fairtrade.pngcert-k--Kosher LBD.pngcert-k--USDA-seal.pngcert-k--Non_Gmo.png

Applications and use

  • Production of alcoholic beverages
  • Production of Hard seltzers
  • Preservatives
  • Vinegar production
  • Solvent for flavouring
  • Perfumes

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