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Japanese Vodka

If you’re looking for a ready to be bottled Japanese Vodka, you have come to the right place! This premium vodka is made from Japanese rice that is both milled and polished.

What is Japanese Vodka?

Japanese Vodka is craft vodka made from 100% Japanese white rice. It plays with similar flavor palettes as sake and shochu, as it goes through the distillation processes of these two distillates as well. 

However, Japanese Vodka is different from these other alcoholic beverages, as it has one unique part of the production process that allows it to stand out amongst similar products. The last step of production of Japanese Vodka includes passing the liquor through a bamboo charcoal filter. Due to this final step, all stray or unsavory notes existing in the flavor palette of the product will be removed. This highlights the sweet and clean flavors associated with rice, which draw people towards this distillate over others.

Applications and Use

Japanese Vodka is primarily consumed as an alcoholic beverage. While it was originally launched exclusively in the U.S. market, it has now gained a loyal customer base that have adopted it as an alcoholic beverage across the globe.


Japanese Vodka is made from 100% Japanese white rice. During production, the rice will be fermented, distilled, blended, and filtered to create the clear and luminous spirit.


To begin production of Japanese Vodka, 100% Japanese white rice will be collected for production. A region known as Kagoshima, Kyushu is well known for rice spirit making. As such, many times production will occur here.



Once the rice has been collected, it will undergo a meticulous process of mill and polish, where the rice is fermented for a resulting product that is a mash-like consistency. The process of fermentation consists of breaking down the starches into sugars. To do so, koji rice may be added to the mixture in order to catalyze the reaction.



Following fermentation, the mash-like mixture will be transferred to pot stills. In these pot stills, it will be distilled once to create a rice spirit. Once removed and allowed to rest temporarily, the rice spirit will enter a second distillation process, where the uniquely flavored Japanese Vodka will be crafted in a column still.


Blending and Filtration

Once the liquid has gone through the dual distillation process, it is ready to be blended and filtered. This spirit has a unique process for blending and filtering the liquid; this process uses bamboo charcoal in Osaka, Japan which is entirely different from other spirit distillation process.



The Japanese Vodka is now ready to be bottled to harness its clean and luminous flavor.

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