Neutral grain alcohol

Made from wheat, rye, barley and corn, neutral grain alcohol, also known as grain neutral spirits is a high-purity potable alcohol derived from grain via fermentation, distillation and precision rectification.

Neutral grain alcohol, or spirit, is a term that describes various kinds of grain alcohols. Because it is distilled five times, this grain alcohol has a neutral smell, neutral taste, clear color and a very low in impurities. Because it does not have its own taste, neutral grain alcohol allows distillers to increase the yield of their product up to three-fold, all without altering the original character. Neutral grain alcohol is often a go-to choice that offers extensive possibilities.

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The applications and use of neutral grain alcohol

Grain alcohol 96% is frequently used as a raw material alcohol in the production of various  kinds of gin. This alcohol as a base does not interfere with flavor and allows the tastes of the end product to stay intact. Neutral grain alcohol allows flavors to be maintained and doesn’t interfere with the distillery’s intended end result and the flavor of the gin.

Along with its use in spirits production, the neutrality of grain alcohol also makes it useful in other industries such as the food, non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, and the cosmetics industry.

Crop to Bottle Series – Grain Neutral Spirit

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Transporting bulk quantities of neutral grain alcohol requires specialist skills and knowledge. It is not a task that can be easily done by the regular courier service as there are several legal and health & safety checks that the shipment needs to undergo. Fortunately, by working and buying from a specialist supplier like Sasma this process becomes much easier.

There are several packaging and transportation options when it comes to ordering bulk neutral grain alcohol and it all depends on the order quantity and the end destination. Of course we can advise you concerning packaging and transportation.

Sasma has the possibility to source and supply premium alcohols all over the world. Sasma can supply alcohol for all industries – food beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and electronic. Sasma’s in-house laboratory and quality department ensures the quality of its products and meets all necessary requirements and certifications. We work according to the regulations of the ISO 9001 Quality management system. We are an ISO 22000 certified company. We meet your specific demands, working flexibly and dependably.

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HOW ITS MADE During this process, the grains are repeatedly distilled which then creates a highly concentrated, clear, and odorless spirit.   STEP ONE Choosing the Raw Material During this step, the type of natural grain is chosen for fermenting and distilling. The most popular grains used for Neutral Grain Spirits are Corn, Rye, Wheat, Barley, or Rice.   STEP TWO Fermentation of the Chosen Grain Once the grain is chosen, it’s time to begin fermentation. Fermentation is a very common term used across the alcohol industry. It refers to the biological process in which sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The catalyst in this process is yeast, used to break down the sugars and convert them into alcohol and other bi-products.   STEP THREE Distillation Once fermentation is complete, distillation begins. This is the process in which the fermented grain is converted from a liquid into a vapor, then back into a liquid. The grain that’s being distilled determines the distillation method: column or pot still. During this step, the product from the fermentation step is boiled to a certain temperature to produce the final product, Neutral Grain Spirits. Alcohol (ethanol) has a lower boiling point than water, therefore evaporating into a gas during the distillation process. After it’s captured in its gas form, it cools down and leaves us with a liquid mixture of highly concentrated alcohol.   Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Lloyd's Register Available upon request Kosher, Non GMO


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