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Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

Meet Jolien ten Broeke and Guy van Everdingen, Sasma’s Sales Managers who head up sales within the Asia market. In our recent Q and A interview, we talked about trends within the Asian market, the bulk spirits market, and trends in spirits that are working throughout the region.

What products are currently trending through the Asia spirits market?

We get lots of inquiries for bulk spirits that can be used for the Ready-to-Drink category. Especially from bottle companies that supply to the local markets. More specifically, we get a lot of inquiries for Gin and Vodka to be used for RTD’s. Inquiries keep increasing year over year. The Asian market is a big opportunity for the ever growing RTD category.

Local distilleries are being set up which is interesting for our business. We are able to trade within the local markets, which in this current climate, is even more interesting due to shorter lead times and lower freight costs. We have an expansive global network that allows us to fulfill customer orders in a timely manner by sourcing locally.

Additionally there is a very large and expanding number of breweries that are looking to expand their core business. Due to high prices and logistics issues globally we have the ability to get our customers the products that they need. We are creative in sourcing all over the world, and able to supply products locally.

For rtd’s and brand owners – we can supply ready to bottle, ready to blend spirits that can improve the quality of existing products or new products that are being developed. We can provide samples for testing recipes. We have an extensive assortment of base alcohols for the ready-to-drink category, more specifically, Gin as gin concentrate at a high ABV, and ready to bottle.

What is trending in the industrial side of the business within Asia?

On the commercial side of the business we supply several types of alcohol for industrial purposes within several different industries. We supply alcohol for Pharmaceutical purposes, cleaning, and the automotive industry, among others. We source alcohols that are premium and high in quality.

What makes Sasma different and why work with us? We have a global network and we think outside of the box when it comes to supplying our clients with products. As certain products are impossible to get from point A to B in this current climate, we will ensure that our clients get their products from a different source in a timely manner. We have the contacts to get you the alcohol that you need. This has become one of our strengths in these challenging times.

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Interviewed by Saskia Vanderkloot-Barre

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