What Is Industrial Alcohol?

Supply Disruptions and Increased Costs in the Grains Market

At Sasma, we understand developing a new and existing line of products that requires the right type of alcohol.

Based on the type of application, ethanol and pure or denatured alcohol have been essential for producing hand sanitizers, detergents, skin care treatments, and other industrial products.

Industrial alcohol has been in high demand since 2020 across the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. As of July, the global industrial alcohol market has surpassed $150 billion in revenue due to the rising need for industrial alcohol as a solvent. 

The spread of COVID-19 worldwide initially created a demand for hand sanitizers and cleaning products, which were important preventative measures against the virus. Although this demand has decreased, it has contributed significantly to the success industrial alcohol has had over the past few years.

This guide will help you determine the type of industrial alcohol suitable for your business.


Denatured vs. Non-Denatured Alcohols

The difference between industrial and commercial grade alcohol is minimal. It all comes down to the percentage of purity. 

  • Denatured alcohol is at least 95% concentrated and contains denaturants like Bitrex, DEP, or MEK, becoming unfit for consumption. 
  • Non-denatured alcohol or ethanol is safe for fuels and foods—made from fermenting grains and distilling the ethyl alcohol. The level of concentration is lower than denatured spirits.

The Main Types

Sasma supplies  different kinds of industrial alcohol, including the products mentioned below:


Denatured Alcohol is used within labs and as cleaning agents, disinfectants, and antiseptics. When denaturants are added to the alcohol, it becomes classified as potable (a highly purified product with a neutral odor and taste).


Anhydrous Alcohol is neutral, pure, and denatured for the cosmetic and fragrance industry. The term “anhydrous” means no water, indicating the alcohol is free of water content. You can use it to develop face creams and deodorants


Synthetic Anhydrous is manufactured through a complex three-step process. It creates a single grade of ethanol (DRAA – Double Rectified Absolute Alcohol). It’s 99% pure. 

This is an ideal product for use in specialist applications that depend on superior, high quality products. You can use it in applications from medical-grade items to inks. Low-grade or “unfinished” ethanol (96%) can be used for automotive screen washes, paints, inks, dyes, and cosmetics.


Sugarcane Alcohol is a universal spirit for organic beverage production and is popular in cosmetics for fragrance production. This organic Extra Neutral Alcohol is distilled from certified organically grown sugarcane guaranteeing your end product remains fully organic.


Grain Alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling corn, rye, wheat, or barley. The neutrality of this spirit makes it a great option for distilled spirits brands, non-alcoholic beverages, cleaning, and beauty products.


Fusel Oils are byproducts of the fuel ethanol industry. The solvent is found in liquid fuel and used to extract other alcohols. You might also find this pure alcohol in spirits like whiskey and brandy. It naturally forms during fermentation to varying degrees, adding desired flavor components.

Usages of Industrial Alcohol & Certifications

At Sasma, we provide the highest quality industrial alcohol and follow strict processes to ensure we meet all requirements and certifications. Not only are we ISO 22000:2018 certified, our spirits are also regulated by the ISO 9001 Quality management system. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) is one of the world’s leading alcohol certification and verification providers.

Commercial Alcohols are composed of high-quality non-GMO, organic ethanol, and other specialty alcohols that meet specific criteria, depending on specific needs. These sought-after alcohols help produce raw materials such as plastics, varnish, and certain types of paint. There are several commercial options available in bulk, including organic/neutral alcohol.

Cosmetic, Medical, and Pharmaceutical

Different types of alcohol are used for different purposes. The alcohol used for cosmetic, medical, and pharmaceutical products must meet all standards from the British, United States, European, and Japanese Pharmacopeias.

Disinfectants, medications, and vaccines are typically created using denatured and synthetic alcohol of a high purity. The type of alcohol used for personal care products is specially denatured with a bittering agent and water within the formula.

Sasma: A Qualified Supplier

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