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If you’re interested in bulk distilled spirits, check out our spirits and distillates. Our Spirits are finished and ready to be sent off to your bottling facilities. Our Base Spirits and Neutral Alcohols are ready to be distilled with your botanicals and herbs.

Looking to develop or produce a private label spirit, or start your own distillery and need bulk spirit, or just looking to add something new to your distilled spirits offerings? We excel at servicing the needs of suppliers, retailers, and distributors giving entrepreneurs the ability to easily produce their own spirit brands. Our alcohols and spirits are finished and ready to be sent off to your bottling facilities.

Spirits and Distillates are strong distilled liquors such as whiskey, gin, rum, liqueurs, and many more. Liquor is a base alcohol that is used in the production of our spirits. The spirit of the liquor leaves the lower base liquid and comes back down in a purer form to drink.


What is ready to bottle?

Sasma supplies alcohols and spirits which are already finished and ready to be bottled at your bottling facility. Sasma will deliver the spirit to the client’s warehouse and immediately the client can start bottling its spirits with its own bottles, labels, and logo. This will allow the client to focus entirely on the bottles, labels, marketing, and distribution. Because Sasma has over 80+ years of combined experience in the alcohol industry we can advise the clients with its marketing brand strategy, the type of base spirits they are looking for and the different addresses of bottling companies.

  • ISO-certified

    Sasma’s processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO-certified

    Sasma’s food chain services are certified with ISO 22000:2018

  • Organically certified

    Sasma is organically certified and fulfils the requirements of regulations for EU and USDA-NOP

  • In- House laboratory

    We use our in-house laboratory for quality control by checking and monitoring the quality of our products. Our laboratory also has a Chromatograph

  • In-House tasting room

    The Sasma team and our clients and visitors can use the tasting room for our Spirits and Distillates

  • Samples

    Once orders are confirmed, we send out samples upon request


Sasma's dedication to efficiency and effectiveness

working with Sasma since 2015

European Distillery

Sasma's dedication to efficiency and effectiveness

Client in Asia

working with sasma since 2014

Sasma's sales agent speaks our language!

Liquor company in South America

working with sasma since 2016

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