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Gluten and Wheat Free Alcohol

Enjoy A Drink Without The Worry

Gluten and wheat spirits are available in several varieties, each with its own distinct flavor. Sasma offers a variety of gluten-free and wheat-free alcoholic spirits suitable for those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

What is Gluten and Wheat-Free Alcohol?

Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. Consuming alcohol made from these grains can trigger severe responses in persons who are gluten sensitive or intolerant. As a result, more consumers are searching for alternative alcoholic options.

Gluten-free alcohol refers to beverages that do not contain gluten. To produce gluten-free alcohol, our distillers use ingredients that do not contain gluten or remove the gluten during production. Gluten-free alcohol can be made from ingredients like corn, potatoes, grapes, and other fruits. Wheat-free alcohol, on the other hand, is made without the use of wheat. It is accomplished by using other grains such as corn, rye, or barley to make the alcohol.

The distillation process removes most, if not all, of the gluten, making it safe for people with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Distillation separates the alcohol from the other components of the mixture–the final spirit is then filtered, aged, and bottled.

Applications and Uses

Neutral gluten and wheat free alcohol can be used as a base or to create different spirits, liqueurs, and beverages, like the following, which are available upon request:

  • Bulk Vodka made from corn, potatoes, or grapes
  • Several regional types of Gin made from corn, potatoes, or grapes
  • A Rum assortment made from sugarcane or molasses
  • Bulk Tequila made from the 100% agave
  • Whisky made from corn, rice, or sorghum


Cheers to gluten and wheat-free spirits! 

There are options available for everyone to enjoy. We have an extensive selection of bulk gluten and wheat-free alcohol that comply with strict certifications worldwide, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018. Get in touch to determine which bulk spirits are right for you, or to learn more about our GMO free spirits, and base spirits for production.

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