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Neutral Grape Alcohol

The many shapes of grape

Grape alcohol is made from the remnants of the wine industry’s production. As its origins lie with the wine industry, it is also commonly referred to as vinous alcohol. We supply grape alcohol in bulk. Find out how you can use grape alcohol in your craft distillation for the production of various alcoholic beverages.

What is grape alcohol?

Grape alcohol 96% is a product of the wine industry’s waste material. Nonetheless, being a by-product does not diminish the many uses for vinous alcohol. This raw material alcohol blends in seamlessly with other grape-based beverages that include vinous alcohol in their ingredients.

Why use grape alcohol in your distillation process?

Grape alcohol is a versatile input for many different grape-based spirits. We are able to provide vinous alcohol for our customer's thanks to our extensive network. Our 96% grape alcohol is GMO-free. Vinous alcohol is a product which can be difficult to source. Through our extensive network, we still manage to supply our client throughout the year. 

The great grape: Fortified wine to sherry to grappa

Our grape alcohol is extra neutral, meaning it has a neutral taste and smell. This alcohol is used to make fortified wines, such as sherry which is produced in Spain. Vinous alcohol is also a key ingredient for making the famously Italian grape-based pomace brandy grappa.

Taking advantage of another industry’s by-product is also a step towards the alcohol industry becoming less wasteful, a welcome fact for conscious consumers.

Interested in adding some grape alcohol to your distillation process? Feel free to review our packaging options to see which quantities are right for you.


Alcoholic strength ≥ 96.0% v/v
Acidity ≤ 1.5 g/hl
Methanol ≤ 3.0 g/hl


≤ 0.5 g/hl
Higher Alcohols ≤ 1.0 g/hl


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Applications and use

  • Production of alcoholic beverages
  • Production of Grappa
  • Preservative
  • Vinegar production
  • Solvent for aromas
  • Professional service and great quality alcohol

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