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Neutral Wheat Alcohol

Wheat Alcohol is a form of pure alcohol which has been produced by fermenting and distilling wheat. It is also referred to as Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS) AND Extra Neutral Grain Alcohol (NGA), because of its neutral smell and clear colour. As a bulk wheat alcohol supplier, Sasma offers wheat alcohol with kosher certification and organic options.

What is Wheat Alcohol?

Wheat alcohol 96% is the standard premium alcohol produced by fermenting and distilling wheat. As a neutral base, this alcohol is often used in alcohol production. Our wheat alcohol has kosher certification. Wheat alcohol as raw material alcohol is widely used in distilled spirits such as wheat vodka. Wheat alcohol also has uses in the food and cosmetics industries.

Neutral wheat alcohol is derived from wheat. Wheat is a grain and like all grains, dominates vodka production as the preferred base. We source wheat from all over the world but most commonly we source wheat within Europe, the United States and South America. Neutral wheat alcohol is a bit sweeter in taste versus corn alcohol, it makes for a very smooth vodka. Wheat grown in the EU is non-gmo. We offer neutral wheat alcohol and neutral organic wheat alcohol.

Neutral wheat alcohol is gluten free. Distilled alcohol, even if it is made from a gluten-containing grain, such as wheat, rye or barley, is considered gluten free. The reason is because if an alcohol is distilled, proteins from the starting materials are removed in the distillation process.

Why use GNS as part of your distillation process?

Our pure wheat alcohol has a neutral smell, taste and clear colour. As a member of the neutral spirits family, wheat alcohol is often used in alcohol production, especially for clear distilled alcoholic beverages such as vodka or gin, for whisky we could also supply a Malted Barley Spirit. Vodka is commonly associated with potatoes, and although this is historically true, wheat vodka is much more common these days. Gin is also often produced predominantly with wheat alcohol as this alcohol gives the spirit a light and dry finish. Wheat alcohol does not interfere with a spirit’s flavours and is, therefore, one of the most neutral spirits and is widely used for blending.

Ready to add some wheat to your distillation fleet? We provide organic options as well as wheat alcohol with kosher certification. Please click on the products below to see their specifications and discover which wheat alcohol best suits your needs.


Alcoholic strength ≥ 96.3% v/v
Acidity ≤ 0.3 g/hl
Esters ≤ 0.2 g/hl
Aldehydes ≤ 0.3 g/hl
Methanol ≤ 1.5 g/hl
Higher Alcohols ≤ 0.4 g/hl


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Applications and use

  • Production of alcoholic beverages
  • Production of spirits
  • Preservatives
  • Vinegar production
  • Flavour extraction
  • Solvent for cosmetics
  • Professional service and great quality alcohol

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